Our company is specializing in fish and seafood trade from the Russian Far East. Today we successfully cooperate with many partners from the countries of the Pacific region and we make big deliveries of fish to Japan, Thailand, South Korea, China and Malaysia.

The group of fishing companies Briz develops the wholesale distribution in the Russian market and has interest in cooperation with the local purchasing companies.


Our priority is to satisfy the needs of our clients, that is why we are ready to supply with any number of fish and seafood from our catalog, as well as we are ready to deliver exclusive order for any species of fish.


It is important for us to comply with the agreed delivery dates and to be sure in safe transportation of orders. That is why we make deliveries by our own transport.


We have close cooperation with the leading fish factories of the Far East, therefore we can offer reasonable prices for the entire fish and seafood assortment.




Past few years the region is developing fishing factories by receiving significant government support and foreign investment. Large projects have been implemented, build-up fishing and processing factories and existing ones have been modernized.

In 2017, a modern fish factory was built on the cost of the river Volnaya (Nevel district). In 2018, the main directions of development of the fish industry were: mackerel, herring, Pacific salmon; development of artificial reproduction of Pacific salmon through the construction of new factories, modernization of coastal infrastructure and the acquisition of the fleet.

For this period were done other big changes: renovation of the Ostrovnoy fish factory, foundation of new building of company Krabozavodskoe Kurilskiy rybak and South-Kurilskiy fishing factory purchased a small fishing vessel.

In the period of 2018-2020 will be realize the following projects:

  • Building of salmon farming factory on the coast of the river Zyryanskaya (Kholmsky urban district).

  • Building of salmon farming factory on the coast of the river Gornaya.

  • Building of salmon farming factory on the coast of the river Makarovka.

According to the Sakhalin-Kuril Department of the Fishery Federal Agency, fish production in 2018 reached 672,2 thousand tons, about 280 thousand tons of fish were exported.

The main fishing of the region is for pollock, cod, herring, flounder, saffron cod, terpug, sayra, Pacific salmon and crabs.



The fifth part of the fish catch of Russia is done in the Kamchatka region. About 1 million tons of fish, crabs and invertebrates are caught there annually. The main target are Pacific salmon, pollock, cod, halibut, flounder and crabs.


The total area of marine waters on the territory of Kamchatka is 1473 thousand square meters. The region makes more than half volume of all fishing industry and 90% of the export in the Far East.


Each year, fish factories produce about 800 thousand tons of products, and in 2017, due to a very large catch, Kamchatka factories produced 1010 thousand tons, sending for export 309 thousand tons of frozen and canned fish.

Kamchatka is also the leader in terms of fishing industry investments by building up new factories and modernization of existing ones. Over the past few years, 15 new high-tech processing factories have been built and almost 2000 new jobs opened.


The main aims for the next years are industry developing, factories modernization, expansion of the range of products, as well as development of port infrastructure and ship repair base.